Take a person, give her a posture and a gesture, dress her in a modern, pointed way and you get the unmistakable contemporary interpretation of an image of a legendary personality.

The starting point of this staged photographic work ‚Legends‘ are iconic images and gestures of personalities from the world history. Images or actions that have become deeply engraved in our minds.
Based on such iconic photographs and images, this portrait series was created.

Apart from a lot of wit and abstraction, the photographs interact with our memorised images of these historical stars. Seen thousand times, we know in a matter of seconds which person we are dealing with.

On urban locations, with selected clothing and gestures, the image series ‚Legends‘ was created with unknown young people: Modern, reinterpreted, contemporary images of personalities from world history.

Each picture can be accompanied by a quote from the person depicted.

Ursula Sprecher
Andi Cortellini


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